Virtually ELIMINATING Odors & Bacteria:


Eliminate Dog Urine Smell & Foul Odors


Accidents happen.  Especially with puppies, older dogs, and dogs that are marking as a way to communicate with their owners.  What CritterZone does is 100% eliminates the urine smell


This revolutionary small device creates a natural charged flow that fills the room and eliminates the odor for good.  It does not mask odor like expensive dog urine cleaners but 100% eliminates it.

It does not matter if the dog pee is on furniture, the bed, clothes, carpet, hardwood floors, cement or even in the car.  This supper small device with fully remove dog urine in a very short amount of time.


Stop Buying Expensive Cleaners That Only Mask The Smell

We have all done it time and again.  Hundreds of dollars on cleaning products that kind of remove the smell but it's still always there.  Now you have a money back guaranteed method to remove that dog urine or any pet urine odor for good.


Stop The Embarrassment

It's hard to invite friends and family over when our whole home smells like dog urine or cat urine.  Now you have a sure fire way to remove your pet odor for good.

But don't give up on Fido or the area they marked! 

CritterZone will actually break down that urine and get rid of it FOREVER!








CritterZone actually breaks down dog urine to eliminate it FOREVER.

 No need for filters, cover-up chemicals or perfumes with this cutting-edge technology.   See what the the experts are are saying!  |  "...four cats, two guinea pigs, and a Quaker parrot, which means a constant battle with pet odors...Amazingly, within minutes the nasty odor was gone."


HausPanther |  "I'm convinced, this is the greatest invention EVER!"


New York Times  |  "For all we knew, the cat no longer found it biologically necessary to void."





Remove Dog Urine


and other pet accidents: vomit, feces and smelly stuff.


STEP 1:  Try to identify the age and severity of the accident.  Has it soaked into the carpet padding, or even the sub-flooring?  Is this an old or new stain? 

Clean the area as best you can by thoroughly soaking up the accident with an old towel or rag until you aren't able to absorb anymore.


STEP 2:  While the area is still damp, retrieve your corded CritterZone unit and place it on the carpet within 6" of the soiled area for 30-60 minutes.  

For deeper or older accidents: "mist" the area with water first, then place the CritterZone on the carpet within 6" of the soiled area for 30-60 minutes and repeat 2-3 times as necessary, depending on the age and saturation.



that are older or have soaked into the padding or subflooring.


 STEP 1:  If the accident is still new, clean up the area by thoroughly soaking up the accident with an old towel or rag until you aren't able to absorb anymore.  If the accident is already dry, mist with water first.


STEP 2:  Mix 3 parts vinegar with 1 part water and saturate the soiled area well beyond the spot you can see, in case it's soaked and spread beneath the carpet.


STEP 3:  Allow the vinegar solution to sit for 5-10 minutes, then dry the area thoroughly by absorbing the area as much as possible with a different towel or rag.


STEP 4:  Sprinkle a small amount of baking soda over the damp area. This is a natural cleaner that can help with odors within the fibers.


STEP 5:  Mix 3/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide with one teaspoon of dish detergent and sprinkle over the baking soda.  (small spot test is recommended to confirm there is no discoloration)  Then use fingers or scrubbing brush to rub solution into baking soda (with gloves if possible)


STEP 6:  Blot the area with a different towel or rag and allow the mixture to dry.  Then vacuum the soiled area to remove loosened urine particles and cleaning agent.


STEP 7:  Mist the same area with clean water.  (If the accident soaked deep into the pad or subflooring, give the area a generous mist.)  Then place your corded CritterZone on the carpet within 6" of the area for 30-60 minutes.  Repeat mist and Air Naturalization with CritterZone 2-3 times or as necessary.

This process works for spills, cat, dog and other animal urine (pee) and feces and other accidents on carpet, fabrics, upholstery, mattresses and more.






CritterZone is a small, but extremely effective air naturalizer that restores the air you breathe.  Air naturalization technology helps eliminate air pollutants that traditional air purifiers cannot trap.  CritterZone replicates Mother Nature's own cleaning process of energizing elements in the air by proactively attacking germs, bacteria, pet dander, viruses, dust, mold and more without harmful chemicals or perfumes.


Traditional filter systems passively rely on the air passing through filters, greatly limiting their effectiveness.  CritterZone goes the extra mile!  Each unit produces energized elements to spread to every corner of the room, destroying odors and pollutants at a molecular level. This process is so thorough it can even help with odors from your four legged friends left in carpeting, drapes and upholstery!