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Friday, April 4, 2014


CritterZone Appears on Fox 32 Chicago
Spring Pets Segment


Pet expert Dana Humphrey talks with Fox 32 Chicago about ways to prep your pet & home for spring. She recommends CritterZone for people who deal with pet allergies and anyone with odor issues in their home.


You can watch the clip here.



Fox 32 Chicago









Thursday, April 3, 2014


CritterZone in Pet Age Magazine


CritterZone is featured in the April 2014 edition of Pet Age Magazine! One of our colleagues talks about the company's production move to the US.


Check it out! (pages 11 and 90 in the printed edition and pages 13 and 92 in the digital edition, which you can view here).



Pet Age Magazine cover April 2014










CritterZone Named to
List of Top 10 Cat Products on Cat Channel



Blogger Tamar Arslanian listed CritterZone's Air Naturalizers among her Top 10 favorite cat products spotted at the Global Pet Expo 2014 in Orlando, Florida. 


Cat Channel

"No longer does your home need to smell like the Hawaiian tropics in December or a Pine Tree in May," Tamar says on Cat Channel's online magazine. "Throw those artificial-smelling plug-ins down the garbage shoot ... Introducing the CritterZone (Air) Naturalizer."


Looking for some great products for your pet? You can find the complete Top 10 list here.








Wednesday, March 12, 2014



CritterZone is proud to sponsor Pet Project Rescue event


It's the annual spring fundraiser for Pet Project Rescue, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It will take place on April 27 at a fun, island-themed place called Psycho Suzi's.


PPR is a no-kill, non-profit, volunteer-based animal rescue. The group places homeless animals in foster care homes until they are adopted. If you live in Minneapolis area, you can click this link to find out more about this fun event!



Save the Date - PPR event 2014









Tuesday, March 11, 2014


CritterZone is featured on Telemundo's "Un Nuevo Dia"


We had a great time appearing on Telemundo's show "Un Nuevo Dia" with celebrity dog groomer Jorge Bendersky and his dog, Tito! Here are some photos from the show.


CritterZone featured on "Un Nuevo Dia" - Jorges



CritterZone featured on "Un Nuevo Dia"












CritterZone attends book launch
for celebrity pet groomer Jorge Bendersky 


Jorge Bendersky is best known for styling pets owned by Miley Cyrus and other celebrities. Now he has added the title of author to his resume, with the publication of his new book "DIY Dog Grooming."


CritterZone had fun joining the book launch party for Jorge!




CritterZone at Jorge Bendersky book launch party








Sunday, March 9, 2014



CritterZone Attends TICA Event in Miami, Florida



We had a great time introducing cat owners to CritterZone at The International Cat Association show in Miami on March 8-9. There were many interesting and unique breeds of cats in attendence, as you can see in the photos below.


This is a Norwegian Forest Cat (below). What a beautiful coat!


Norwegian Forest Cat





This Savannah breed cat weighs 22 pounds and can run 20 mph! He is an F1, which means he is a first-generation cross between a domestic cat and the serval, a medium-sized, large-eared wild African cat.


Savannah cat breed





This cat's name is Soul. Soul was one of the cats available for adoption at the event. 


Soul - for adoption





This is an American Bobtail cat named King.


American Bobtail named King







Wednesday, February 19, 2014


CritterZone attends NYC expo
for pet products made in the USA



Booth at NYC Made In USA Expo


The theme of this expo was pet products that are made in the USA. It was a great time for retailers and pet product makers to meet face to face!








CritterZone appears on Indianapolis'
Fox 59 TV segment
"Let Dogs Teach You About Love."


We love our pets, but don't always want to smell them! CritterZone is a great gift idea for the pet owner in your life. It's also a solution for the family member who suffers from pet allergies.


Click the photo below to see a clip on Fox 59 in Indianapolis featuring CritterZone and other fun pet products -- lots of great Valentine gift ideas for the pet person in your life! 



Fox 59 Indianapolis



Click here to order CritterZone and start cleaning up the air in your home today!









Radio Pet Lady talks about
pet odor control with CritterZone's Bill Converse


Host Tracie Hotchner talks to CritterZone inventor Bill Converse about common issues facing pet owners — odors and allergies — and what pet owners can do about them.



Radio Pet Lady logo


Click here to hear this great interview!








CritterZone inventor tells WJHL
the company's manufacturing move is under way


 Click the image below to see the interview.



Bill Converse interview with WJHL Channel 11









CritterZone inventor announces plans
to move production, jobs to U.S.


Bill Converse was interviewed recently on WCYB Channel 5. He talked about CritterZone parent company AirRestore's plans to move manufacturing to Tennessee.


Click the video below to watch:














CritterZone appears on Good Morning Connecticut


Pet expert Dana Humphrey shared tips for traveling with your pet during this appearance on Good Morning Connecticut WTNH-TV. Humphrey says a CritterZone is important for keeping the air clean in the car or hotel while you travel. 

Watch the clip.



WTNH - News 8 - Connecticut_copy




 vet touts CritterZone's cleaning power

Dr. Patrick Mahaney


Noted veterinarian Dr. Patrick Mahaney lists CritterZone among his Top 5 Pet Products for 2013! 


In his article, Mahaney says, "CritterZone is a unique air purification system packing a big particulate-clearing punch into a small package. It easily plugs into any wall outlet and notably improves the quality of your inhalation in any indoor environment."


You can read more here.








CritterZone Unleashes New Travel Pack
for Holiday Gift Giving


NEW YORK (November 4, 2013) – Like it or not, the holiday gift-giving season is upon us once again. This is the time of year we begin making a list and checking it twice. CritterZone USA is excited to unleash their new Travel Pack for holiday gift giving. This pack is an ideal gift for the family or pet owner who is always on the go!


CritterZone’s Travel Pack includes the CritterZone corded Air Naturalizer, a car adapter and a blue velvet carrying bag. This set is a unique and useful gift for our friends, family members and/or pet owners who frequently travel. For those parents who are always carpooling the kids around town, or that friend who spends a great deal of time on the road or at hotels for work; this gift the perfect bonus pack that they will appreciate and enjoy.


The Travel Pack gift set makes it easier to take CritterZone’s power on the road or vacations. The blue velvet bag is handy because it helps to remind those traveling to bring the pack back home. The car adapter converts CritterZone’s corded Air Naturalizer for use in a vehicle as well. The products at CritterZone help to clean up the air in homes with pets to make it more livable and enjoyable for all inhabitants. The Travel Pack reminds us that it’s important to clean the air in our vehicles and other living spaces as well. You can find out more about it hereCZ_200x200_RetailPack2


Based in Minneapolis, MN, CritterZone’s Air Naturalizer technology has been in development for more than three decades. Three generations of the Converse family are part of the team that runs the operational and marketing aspects of CritterZone. Their website is geared for all things pet odor related. Their filter-less and chemical-free air naturalizers can tackle any pet odor problem.


About CritterZone Air Naturalizer

The CritterZone Air Naturalizer creates a natural, charged flow that fills the room or vehicle and continually cleans the air. The sun provides the outdoor air with the power and energy it needs to clean itself: a power and energy that indoor air lacks. CritterZone provides indoor air with the natural charge it needs to virtually eliminate odors, allergens, dust and bacteria. Scientifically Speaking? Air Naturalization involves two distinctly different, but related, continual processes: Bi-Polar Ionization & Plasma Conversion. Learn more about the Air Naturalizer:


Learn more about CritterZone at:







CritterZone appears on Marie Osmond’s
TV show “Marie”


Pet expert Laura Nativo introduced The CritterZone Air Naturalizer to Marie Osmond in 2013 in an appearance on her Hallmark Channel TV show “Marie.” The CritterZone’s odor control power was highlighted in the pet gadgets segment.


Marie Osmond show appearance



You can read more about the appearance on the show at this link.








CritterZone was recently featured among
top products for pets on Fox News Chicago


 You can watch the clip here.

Fox News Chicago







New York Times article highlights CritterZone's power


New York Times writer Steven Kurutz recently tested six devices in an effort to improve the air quality in his apartment and ease his allergies. The CritterZone Air Naturalizer was among them, and the powerful device stood out for its odor control power.


In the tight quarters of his New York City apartment, Kurutz is frequently too close for comfort to his cat’s litter box. However, the CritterZone went to work right away, getting rid of the smell.  CZ_Corded


"... After the CritterZone had been humming away near the litter box for an hour, the stink vanished, replaced with a faintly chemical crispness,” he said. “It went on like that, blissfully, for days. For all we knew, the cat no longer found it biologically necessary to void."


Kurutz also interviewed allergist Dr. Daryl R. Altman, who said air purifiers are a way to combat allergy-inducing particles such as pollen or dust.


In addition to its odor control capabilities, the CritterZone stood out among the products examined in the New York Times review for its low price point. In fact, at $89.95, it was the most budget-friendly of all the devices Kurutz tested.


You can read the entire New York Times review by following this link:


Find out more about how the CritterZone works here:






CritterZone donates air naturalizers to Florida K9 unit

to improve air quality in patrol cars


WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — To thank the West Palm Beach, Fla., K9 unit for the work of its officers in protecting the community, CritterZone recently donated six air naturalizers and car adapters to remove animal odors from patrol cars. The CritterZones quickly remove particles that cause unpleasant smells and aggravate allergies for officers who spend many hours confined with their K9 companions.


“We wanted to show our appreciation for the level of dedication and service the West Palm Beach K9 unit provides to residents,” said Bill Converse, president of CritterZone. “In addition to spending time together in the patrol cars, the dogs go home with the handler, and all the work odors go with them. The officers really like what the units did in the house as well as the workplace. Also, we wanted to give them something that would get rid of the odor-causing material and not cover it up. By restoring the air naturally, we did not need to be concerned with altering the dogs’ highly developed sense of smell.”


K9 officers can play a major role in investigations and search-and-rescue efforts, using their powerful noses to guide other officers to suspects, evidence or missing individuals. According to there are thousands of K9 police dogs working in law enforcement every day, and hundreds of them have lost their lives while serving their communities.


Converse said he admires “the commitment required to train and to handle a K9 dog. It shows the dedication of the officers and the loyalty and intelligence of their animal partners.”


West Palm Beach Police K9 officer Brian Gellin said the department appreciated the donation, and their officers said the air naturalizers were greatly improving the air quality in their vehicles and homes.


Officer J. Sniffin works with K9 Officer Thor. Sniffin plugged a CritterZone in his patrol car. “As a police K9 handler, I’m in close quarters with my dog day and night. ... Within a few hours I could tell that [the CritterZone Air Naturalizer] was doing something. The air inside the car smelled ‘cleaner’ and I could breathe easier.”



CritterZone cares for critters in need


Our company proudly supports these and other animal nonprofit organizations:








CritterZone Wins 1st Place Among New Products

at Las Vegas Trade Show


The air-cleansing power of CritterZone's pet Air Naturalizer earned it first place among new products at the SuperZoo National Show for Pet Retailers in Las Vegas in 2012.  Especially useful for pet owners, the Air Naturalizer eradicates the cause of pet odor, rather than masking it.



Bill Converse, president of CritterZone, said the company was pleased with the award. “The SuperZoo show was a great opportunity to show how effective our product is at removing pet odors. We were excited to be recognized for our efforts to help make pet owners' and allergy sufferers' homes more comfortable.”

He stated that the affordability and small size represents the next leap forward in modern air-cleaning technology since he created it over 20 years ago.

The CritterZone Air Naturalizer uses plasma ionic technology, which knocks microscopic materials out of the air, and hydroxyls, which break down the chemicals that make up pet odors and other smells. In doing so, it recreates natural air balances, much like the earth does during a thunderstorm.

 The compact air naturalizer unit is filter-free and very powerful. It can clean the air in the entire ground floor of an average-sized home. It is also energy saving, using only about 3 watts of energy.









"I share my home with four cats, two guinea pigs, and a Quaker parrot, which means a constant battle with pet odors and a parade of cleaning products. I have multiple litter boxes and try to keep them scrupulously clean, but sometimes it's a losing battle.

...I waited for just the right time to start my test, on an afternoon when Farquaad decided to stink up the room. I plugged in the unit and set it on the highest of its three settings. Amazingly, within minutes the nasty odor was gone.

Next up was one of the cats' most heavily trafficked litter boxes. It's in my front entry hall, which makes it especially important that guests aren't greeted with Eau de Multi-Cat. The area is also susceptible to guinea pig odors, since it's adjacent to the pig and bird room.

The CritterZone performed just as well in the larger space as in the powder room, and the ozone smell was less noticeable since it was in a bigger area. I decided that would be its permanent home; I'm sure all my future guests will appreciate it." [Read More]





Ernie Slone, the editor of Dog Fancy magazine, a sister publication to Pet Product News International, selected the CritterZone Air Purifier by AirRestore as one of his top 11 product picks at Global Pet Expo 2013.

[Watch Video Reivew]



logo-dog-works-radio-show...we were asked to review the Critter Zone... A home with 30 sled dogs, two that sleep in our bedroom, and Robert with a severe case of allergies to just about anything he can sneeze at. When the box arrived the first thing he said was, “How is this little thing going to do any good?”


Boy was he wrong! He plugged it up and placed it on the nightstand next to the bed and it started working right away!


“This little thing packs a big punch! This is a product I would recommend to all of my clients, family and friends,” says Forto. “If this can work for me and my allergies, it will work for anyone!” [Read More]


HausPanther_Logo"I’m convinced, this is the greatest invention EVER!"




"Introducing the CritterZone Air Purifier, a new player in the fight against pet odors. My life pretty much revolves around stain and odor elimination, so I’m always trying new things to help with the problem.  ...This tiny unit almost immediately eliminates all odors in up to 800 square feet. Just plug it in, turn it on, and you’re done. I can’t tell you exactly how it works, but I can tell you that there is nothing to replace, nothing to refill, and nothing to clean. Ever!


It’s not a filter, it’s not a spray, it’s not an ionizer (like the other ionizers on the market). It uses some kind of low voltage electrical charge to literally destroy odor molecules, not just those that pass through the unit, but throughout the entire room. And it is such low voltage, that you can leave it on 24/7 because it costs about $.01 per day to operate.

Sounds too good to be true? I thought so, too, but I’m convinced, this is the greatest invention EVER! [Read More]





Tiniest Tiger's Conservation Cub Club says "Cat Parents, once in nine lives a product comes along that just blows your whiskers back and that product is the CritterZone Air Purifier. This compact, filterless, chemical free air purifier is a must have for cat parents.


We placed our CritterZone Air Purifier on the shelf in the laundry room, which also happens to be where one of my litter pans is located. You might not think that I would be a super stinker but I have my moments. And lately, my parents noticed that when they came into the house, it didn’t smell badly, but being closed up for the winter the air lacked that fresh and invigorating quality that everyone longs for when they breathe.
Now, when we come into the house, the air is fresh and clean and  there is no trace of a litter pan smell.  My parents can’t get over it, they really can’t.  They praise the CritterZone every day and seem to be fascinated by its power. They are already planning to get one for the man cave and my mom wants one for her car too.  One thing we know for sure; We are never going to unplug or stop using this amazing little air purifier.  [Read More]



CiCiBlog_Logo"We have been putting The CritterZone Air Purifier to good use 24/7 for days now. It is powerful, filterless and chemical-free and you can take one with you while traveling. Put one in the car and one in the hotel room and one at home. I was wheezing before using this purifier and Cici’s bugs were making her itchy. Plus, Cici can be a stinky girl. No more doggie smell, no more bugs, no more wheezing !

We love love love this little hard working product."  [Read More]