of the Outdoors for Your Pets


"Love it! The Critterzone packs a punch for its size and does a great job at eliminating odors and allergens in the air. My birds seem a lot happier when the unit is running. Well worth the investment for yourself and for your pets!" Camille, Mr.…

Wag Out Loud

"Our CritterZone is a game-changer and we noticed the difference in our indoor air quality immediately.   We love that it freshens air indoors NATURALLY…without ever replacing any filters!  I own Wag Out Loud, where we are obsessed with…

House Panther

"CritterZone is my #1 recommendation for odor elimination, especially around the litter box. Every cat owner should have at least one!" Kate Benjamin, Founder of Hauspanther LLC


Two small cats are laying on a bed with their owner.

Get rid of your pet’s funkiest odors! Eliminate Litter Box and bedding odors.

Get rid of urine smells in your carpet and furniture. Notice we didn’t say “cover-up”? That’s because the CritterZone is going to work down into the carpet, padding, and subfloor and break down the source – for GOOD

Fight Pet Hair and Allergies. If you or any of your family members are sensitive to your pet it can be miserable. Again, the CritterZone is going to break down pet dander and knock it out of the air.

On top of all the pet related reasons that people love the CritterZone, it also gives humans the same health benefits of interacting with outdoor air. More energy, sleep deeper, keep viruses and bacteria under control – even on surfaces!


A brown Weiner dog laying down on a white couch.

Animals THRIVE in outdoor air.  It is an essential part of their health and this provides them with the exposure that most pets don’t get.

Most pets are low to the ground.  That’s where a lot of our indoor air pollutants live.  Gasses from the carpet and furniture, bacteria, and dust all live on their level.

Pets that live in enclosures have it even worse.  It’s almost impossible for fresh air to get into where they live.  Let the CritterZone give them a more natural environment!

Improve your pets respiratory system. The energy from outdoor air helps your pet to create more mucus which is a big key in keeping them healthy.

Woman in pink sweater holding a grey and white cat.

CritterZone Air Naturalizer produces a natural charged flow to give indoor air the energy to clean itself, just like the sun does for outdoor air!

The CritterZone Air Naturalizer makes energized versions of the natural elements already found in the air.

CritterZone Air Naturalizer is fantastic for spot treatments for breaking down urine, spilt milk, and other odor and germ- concerning incidents.

CritterZone Air Naturalizer generates negative AND positive ions on a massive scale to energize the air, giving it the ability to break down pollutants.

Woman in pink sweater holding a grey and white cat.


How will it remove my pet’s odors?

Organic Energy is a breakthrough technology that replicates the energetic environmental restoration process happening outdoors. Outdoor Energy is essential for healthy minds, bodies, and living environments. This is especially true for our indoor pets.

Domesticated animals are still biologically built for outdoor living. Their bodies require fresh air and access to the natural elements provided by the sun and wind.

The spike in pet diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer, is proven to be directly connected to diet and living environment. CritterZone provides the Outdoor Energies your indoor pets are cut off from every minute they spend indoors.

DID YOU KNOW? Organic Energy is the ultimate in natural odor control! Breaking down pollutions on a molecular level, CritterZone controls odors like no other solutions on the market.

A siamese cat sitting on desk near a CritterZone unit.

“The CritterZone unit works better than any other air purifier I’ve tried. The space I have is tight and very little air movement. Plugging in this little deal and keeping it in the corner of the room makes a huge difference. I never smell the cats, even right after they visit the litter box.”

Connor M.

“We have two cats and both have “marked” spots on the carpet and the furniture. We tried everything to get the odor out they never worked…made the house smell like chemicals AND cat pee. Took a shot on this product and am BLOWN AWAY.”

Amanda P.

This is the greatest product to come out since the very idea of air purifiers! -Most definitely more than an air purifier, this CritterZone does a much better job and started working IMMEDIATELY. I mean, as soon as I plugged it in, I could smell it working.

Erica G.

“I used it to see if I could get the smell out from an old carpet from the previous owner whose pet had accidents on often. Guess what… Yeah, the smell is gone! I’ll check to see if it comes back, as things seem to do, but as for now, it’s gone, gone.”

Charles D.