Celebrating the Playful Ferret With Fun Videos and Tips

Earlier this month (April 2) ferret fans celebrated National Ferret Day.



ferret sleeping



WHETHERyou own a pet ferret or not, you undoubtedly know how cute and funny they can be. This link will take you to a series ofVIDEOS showing ferrets at play, turning their home into a playground. One of our talented colleagues, who also happens to love ferrets, created this fun video montage to the mischievous animals.


If you have pet ferrets, you may notice they areBEGINNING to shed their winter coat this time of year. The Small Pet Channel has tips on what to do if their hair doesn’t appear to be growing back. Find out more here.


For your ferret’s odors, don’t forget about CritterZone. It’s the solution to all the smells these furry friends bring into your home. CritterZone Air Naturalizers work great near cages, kennels and litter boxes. We recommend the Wall Units for homes with ferrets, since they don’t have a cord that curious creatures may be tempted to play with or chew.


CritterZone is great for homes with pets, because it doesn’t use any harmful chemicals to mask odors. Find out more here.





Tuesday, April 08, 2014

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