CritterZone joins effort to fund special kennel

CritterZone is proud to sponsor a really cool kennel through the “Lulu’s Favorite Things” campaign run by the blog Life With Beagle. The campaign is raisingMONEY to support Paws for Peace Kennel, and it is run by the Harbor House of Central Florida. The kennel gives victims of domestic violence a safe place to keep their pets while they are escaping dangerous living situations.



Harbor House of Central Florida




ACCORDINGto the kennel’s website, up to 85 percent of domestic abuse victims say their abuser has threatened, hurt or killed a pet. Almost half abuse victims will delay leaving a dangerous living situation. Many can’t bring their pets with them to a shelter, and they are afraid to leave their pets behind.


At the Paws for Peace Kennel, abuse victims can rest assured their pets will be cared for while they receiveHELP at Harbor House.


The timing of this campaign is meaningful, since April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month.


You can read more about the Paws for Peace Kennel here. Or, find out more about the “Lulu’s Favorite Things” campaign here.


UPDATE: The Minneapolis Star-Tribune just published a story about several Minnesota women’s shelters that are adding kennels to address this important need. You can read more here.






Thursday, April 3, 2014


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