NEW YORK (November 4, 2013) – Like it or not, the holiday gift-giving season is upon us once again. This is the time of year we begin making a list and checking it twice. CritterZone USA is excited to unleash their new Travel Pack for holiday gift giving. This pack is an ideal gift for the family or pet owner who is always on the go!


CritterZone’s Travel Pack includes the CritterZone corded Air Naturalizer, a car adapter and a blue velvet carrying bag. This set is a unique and useful gift for our friends, family members and/or pet owners who frequently travel. For those parents who are always carpooling the kids around town, or that friend who spends a great deal of time on the road or at hotels for work; this gift the perfect bonus pack that they will appreciate and enjoy.


The Travel Pack gift set makes it easier to take CritterZone’s power on the road or vacations. The blue velvet bag is handy because it helps to remind those traveling to bring the pack back home. The car adapter converts CritterZone’s corded Air Naturalizer for use in a vehicle as well. The products at CritterZone help to clean up the air in homes with pets to make it more livable and enjoyable for all inhabitants. The Travel Pack reminds us that it’s important to clean the air in our vehicles and other living spaces as well. You can find out more about it hereCZ_200x200_RetailPack2


Based in Minneapolis, MN, CritterZone’s Air Naturalizer technology has been in development for more than three decades. Three generations of the Converse family are part of the team that runs the operational and marketing aspects of CritterZone. Their website is geared for all things pet odor related. Their filter-less and chemical-free air naturalizers can tackle any pet odor problem.


About CritterZone Air Naturalizer
The CritterZone Air Naturalizer creates a natural, charged flow that fills the room or vehicle and continually cleans the air. The sun provides the outdoor air with the power and energy it needs to clean itself: a power and energy that indoor air lacks. CritterZone provides indoor air with the natural charge it needs to virtually eliminate odors, allergens, dust and bacteria. Scientifically Speaking? Air Naturalization involves two distinctly different, but related, continual processes: Bi-Polar Ionization & Plasma Conversion. Learn more about the Air Naturalizer:


Learn more about CritterZone at:


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