Sveltlana Petrova is a Russian artist who was inspired by the cat she’dINHERITED from her mother. She was feeling low and started inserting him into famous pieces of art to help bring her spirits back up after her mother’s death.


The now famous cat named Zarathustra, is 22 pounds and is quite the personality filled feline.


Fat Cat Art


“It was useless to put wings on him, because he is evidently unable to fly in his physical condition,” Petrova said, “so ITHOUGHT that maybe I can make a photo session.”

Fat Cat Art


“I sent them out to some friends of mine, artists and gallerists, just to see their reaction,” she said.WELL the reaction she got was much more than she expected.


People loved them! “Never before have I seen serious ladies laughing to tears.” With her friends’ amused encouragement, she launched the site “Fat Cat Art.”


Two years later, the siteNOW features more than 80 altered images. The images will even be exhibited at the Stonehill House in England.


June 12, 2014

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