New York City’s Mayor, Bill De Blasio does not shy away from controversial issues. He actually prides himself on confronting some of New York’s stickier problems. What’s his latest quest? He has taken it upon himself to repeal another of the city’s more controversial bans – A ban on ferrets.

The ban was originally introduced in 1999 by former Mayor Rudolf W. Giuliani. He evenONCE accused an advocate for the ferrets of suffering from “a sickness.”


The original concerns about ferrets arose in regard to rabies and the safety of young children. This lead to the citywide ban and prompted years of controversy.


Proponent of the repeal say that ferrets are just as little of a threat as any other household pet the same size.


Any change to the ferret policy must be approved by the city’s Board ofHEALTH. Officially in the health department said that they would recommend lifting the ban, as long as requirements for spaying and vaccination were put into place.


This move was prompted by a ferret enthusiast named Ariel Jasper. She petitioned the city to reconsider the ban. She even spoke about how she felt emboldened by her outspoken Mayor to make a difference.


“We have a mayor who seems to be a little bit more concerned about animal issues. This is a good issue to show that they’re different” from their predecessors, she said in an interview.


There are pros and cons to lifting the ban and all aspects of the debate will be considered. The Board of Health is set to begin considering the proposal by the end of summer.NOW only time will tell if New Yorkers will get to legally own ferrets one day!





Wednesday, June 18, 2014

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