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5 Stress Relievers for You & Your Dog

Stress can feel overwhelming, but it’s important to remember that there are ways to manage it. Especially, if you are working full-time, parenting, and trying to keep up with social activities it can really feel like a lot. We tend to forget to take care of ourselves and to put time aside every day to just breathe. From incorporating an air purifier for pets and yourself to taking time to breathe, we’ve got it all covered if you keep on reading.

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5 Stress Relievers for You & Your Dog

We understand how life can get a little hectic to the point where you forget about your fluffy best friends who are always waiting to greet you as you get home. Our little friends do suffer from stress as well sometimes, however, we have a few solutions for both you and your pet to relieve stress together. Here are five ways to relieve stress that are easy to do and can help you feel better.


Exercise is a great way to relieve stress for you and your dog. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, which are chemicals that make you feel good and this is the same for your dog. You can exercise in any way you like, such as walking, running, playing a sport, or doing yoga. The important thing is to try to integrate your best buddy into the mix as well since dogs enjoy exercise so much they also reap the same healthy rewards for relieving stress.

Breathing exercises

Taking a few deep breaths can help calm you down when you’re feeling stressed. You can do this by closing your eyes, breathing in slowly through your nose, and breathing out slowly through your mouth. Repeat this a few times and you’ll feel better in no time. Although you really can’t teach your dog to breathe with you during these exercises you’re actually relieving stress for Fido when you’re less stressed. Dogs can feel anxiety and stress when their owners are overwhelmed.

Write it down

Writing about what’s stressing you out can help you process your feelings and gain a new perspective. You can write in a journal, on a piece of paper, or even on your phone. Just take a few minutes to jot down what’s bothering you and how you’re feeling. Another important activity to take part in each day, however, is your dog really can’t write. Relax and get comfortable next to your buddy while you write because companionship is always a great stress reliever.

Talk to someone

Talking to someone about what’s bothering you can be a big help. You can talk to a friend, family member, teacher, counselor, or even your dog. Talking about your feelings can help you feel better and gain a new perspective on the situation. Sometimes we feel ourselves confiding to those who are unbiased and guess what? Your dog is probably the best listener and the least biased therapist you’ll ever talk to in stressful times.

Do something fun

Doing something you enjoy can help you forget about what’s stressing you out and your dog. You can play a game, read a book, listen to music, or do a craft. The important thing is to do something that makes you happy and takes your mind off of what’s bothering you. Your dog will be happy if you’re happy, so think about doing something fun with your dog for an even more enjoyable time.


Getting a massage for yourself is just as beneficial for your dog as it is for you. It naturally relieves tension and stress allowing your body to relax. Not a bad idea to give your furry friend a little shoulder rub once in a while after you treat yourself!

Improve Indoor Air Quality for Stress Relief

Remember, everyone feels stressed from time to time. The most important thing to remember is to relax and breathe. Your dog is there to only comfort you and help with stress relief. Studies have shown that petting your dog or cat can naturally lower blood pressure and decrease anxiety. Lastly, don’t forget to keep your best bud in mind when it comes to self-care since they cannot really speak up for themselves. Consider getting an air purifier for pets and yourself such as CritterZone. Designed to help your pets thrive in an indoor environment, CritterZone also improves air quality so you can breathe better when working on destressing your life.

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