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Adopting Older Dogs

When the stereotypical dad goes to get his kids a new dog, usually it’s a brand new puppy. That’s great, having a dog can be good for kids and puppies have the energy to match them. Getting a new puppy from a breeder or someone whose pooch just had puppies isn’t a bad thing, but sometimes it has other effects you might not think about.


Going to the animal shelter can be an emotional experience. Being around so many pets that want to be adopted makes you want to take them all home, but sadly, circumstances don’t typically allow that dream to be a reality. Those pets are usually older though because most people would rather go get a brand new puppy rather than an older, and wiser, dog.


Older dogs are usually happier to be adopted because they realize that this is another chance to be happy with a family. There are a number of reasons that these older dogs can be a better choice for you and your family.


When it comes to older dogs, it’s a lot easier to tell what their temperament is like and how calm they really are. Puppies haven’t quite grown into their personalities yet and have yet to show their true colors.


When older pooches are waiting to be adopted they’ve often been with a family prior to yours. This means there’s a good chance they’re already well adjusted to being around other people. Socializing your dogs is an important thing to do, with both people are other animals. You will have no such luck with a puppy in this area. It’s all on you.


And let’s not forget about potty training. Let’s be real here, it’s a pain but it’s completely necessary if you want any chance of saving that new carpet you installed last year. With older dogs you don’t have to worry about this, they already know what to do!


This article is not to deter you from bringing a new puppy home to your family. All animals deserve a loving home. This is simply a reminder to not forget about the more seasoned animals up for adoption that often get left behind merely because they aren’t brand new. They have value and something to offer right from the heart, and if you open yours up to them they’ll fill it up with love.

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