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All About Ferret Toys

Ferret Toys

Ferrets are always very entertained by toys and games. They should be distracted with any toys and games you can provide since they get bored easily and boredom causes naughtiness. Make sure you’re providing the right toys to keep them safe from their own mischief.

Supervised Fun

Interactive toys are great since they can help to create a bond between you and your pet ferret. Interactive toys can be anything that you use to play with your ferret. Whether this is a toy specifically made for a ferret or if it is a household object that you’ve surrendered to your mischievous friend, you’ll want to thoroughly examine it for any dangerous small and chewable parts to ensure the safety of your pet.
Anything with small removable parts should be kept away from ferrets at all times. They are sneaky and very smart, you’d be surprised how quickly they can remove a button or a tag. You can always modify toys to make them safer for your ferret. Cutting off any button eyes or loose limbs or tags is a great start. But, remember to look at your toys like a sneaky ferret would.
You should also keep in mind that brand new toys that are safe can become unsafe over time. Rubber toys, when exposed to fluids from being cleaned, become less hard over time. Your ferret can then chew the toy up, creating smaller pieces and choke hazards. Keep an eye on any toys you have for an extended period of time for wear and tear that could become dangerous.

Toy Ideas

Ferrets are big fans of toys that they can use their entire bodies to interact with. This is why ferret tubes are so popular, but you can easily create your own with some PVC pipe. Cardboard boxes and paper bags are also a great way to get your ferry whole body engaged in play. Just make sure to remove any products that become eroded or sharp and dangerous to your ferret.Air Purifier for Pets - Pet Odor Eliminator - hiding ferret
Hanging ropes or dangling toys are great for supervised play. There is the danger that your ferret will get entangled in the toy but, if you keep a close eye on your ferret with these toys they can be great fun.
Any toy with a noisemaking feature is usually a big hit. Make sure that the squeaker is not visible or exposed since ferrets are notorious for removing them. Once a noisemaker is removed it can become a choking hazard
Tents and hammocks can be great for both play and rest. Ferrets love to hid in tubes, tents, and hammocks to catch a few z’s during the day. Just make sure that whatever you choose is made from a sturdy material that would be hard for your ferret to break down.
Another type of toy they enjoy is a chase toy. Cat toys are often a good baseline but there are many other options out there. Baby toys are another good category to look into since they are scrutinized for the use of human babies, they are very safe for ferrets as well.

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