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National Pet Parents Day on April 24

As pet owners, we all know that the love we have for our pets is immeasurable. We treat them like our own children, and we would do anything to ensure their happiness and well-being. It’s no wonder then that we have a day dedicated to celebrating the bond between pet parents and their furry companions […]


Celebrate National Bulldogs are Beautiful Day on April 21

Get your bulldog drool towels ready and your camera phones charged because National Bulldogs are Beautiful Day is coming up! On April 21st, we celebrate these adorable wrinkly pups and all their unique qualities that make them so lovable. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the history and characteristics of bulldogs […]


National Hug Your Dog Day – April 10

National Hug Your Dog Day is a day to celebrate the love and affection we have for our furry friends. Observed annually on April 10th, it’s the perfect day to give your canine companion a big, warm hug and show them just how much you care. Who doesn’t love hugging their best friend, especially if […]


National Pooper Scooper Week: April 1-7

National Pooper Scooper Week is observed annually between April 1 to 7 to encourage pet owners to clean up after their furry friends. While it might seem like a silly topic, picking up after your pup or your cat is an important responsibility that all pet owners should take seriously. Your pets’ poop can leave […]

Best Pets for Young Children

Having a pet can be a wonderful addition to a family, especially if you have young children. Pets can teach children important life lessons, such as responsibility, empathy, and kindness. However, not all pets are well-suited for young children. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the best pets for young children. Best Pets for […]


National Puppy Day on March 23

Perhaps the cutest national holiday of all time, National Puppy Day is on March 23, 2023, and it recognizes adorable puppies for being too cute to handle! Whether you are a proud puppy parent or just an admirer of these furry little creatures, National Puppy Day is the perfect time to celebrate everything that makes […]

Benefits of Having an Air Purifier without Filters

Are you tired of constantly replacing your air filter? Sick of hearing that pesky hum of the filter running all day long? Well, have no fear, the non-filter air purifier is here! In this blog, we will explore the benefits of having an air purifier without the need for a filter in your home, and […]

6 Benefits of Therapy Pets

Therapy pets are animals that are trained to provide comfort and support to people who are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, or other emotional difficulties. Whether you’re a pet owner or not, therapy pets can bring many benefits to your life. 6 Benefits of Therapy Pets in Your Life If you already love animals and you […]


Spring Cleaning Your Home

Spring is finally here! It’s time to dust off the old cobwebs and open the windows after a long winter. What better way than to participate in some spring cleaning activities around your home? There are a ton of different ways to clean, organize, declutter, and freshen up your space. This blog will give you […]


Healthy Treats to Feed Pet Ferrets

Ferrets are adorable and playful pets that require a healthy diet to stay happy and healthy. While their main diet should consist of high-quality ferret food, it’s always a good idea to offer them some healthy treats to supplement their diet. Since you’re reading this, you more than likely want to keep your ferret healthy […]