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Finches 101

“Finch” is actually just a broad term for small passerine birds or songbirds. The most common denominations of the breed to be kept as pets are the Estrildidae family of finches. This family includes the owl finch, society finch, canaries, zebra finch, and Gouldian Finch. This type of bird makes a great pet for someone […]

All About Ferret Toys

Ferrets are always very entertained by toys and games. They should be distracted with any toys and games you can provide since they get bored easily and boredom causes naughtiness. Make sure you’re providing the right toys to keep them safe from their own mischief. Supervised Fun Interactive toys are great since they can help […]

What Do Cat Meows Mean?

If you own a cat or have spent any time around cats, you know that they make many different sounds. The different types of meows can depend on your cat’s breed, size, and age. But there are some cardinal meows that are universal to all cats. Make sure you also pay attention to body language […]

Should I Get My Dog a Bed?

After a long day at work where’s the first place you want to go? Your bed! Well, your dog probably feels the same way. After a long walk or trip to the dog park, Fido probably want to slump down onto a nice cozy dog bed. Even if your dog sleeps in bed with you, […]

What is the Friendliest Snake Breed?

Many families are hesitant to get a snake as a pet in a household with children due to their reputation for being escape artists and difficult to care for. However, there are many breeds that are beginner-friendly and will make great pets for anyone with attention to detail. Corn Snakes Corn snakes are thought to […]

Are Chinchillas a Good Pet for Kids?

Chinchillas are gaining popularity among pet owners in the US, and for a good reason. They are cute, full of personality, and small enough to be ideal for most living situations. However, many parents are asking the question, “would this be a good pet for my family with small children?” That is difficult to answer […]

Why You Shouldn’t Declaw Your Cat

There are many reasons why cat owners may consider declawing their sweet little kitty. Maybe fluffy has a bad habit of scratching up the carpet or furniture. Or maybe your kitten has gotten a little testy and has started using his claws to let you know. In any case, you should do read this article […]

How Expensive Is It to Own a Bird?

Birds are a popular choice for many prospective pet owner’s across the US due to the conception that they are cheaper and easier to maintain than a cat or dog. This can be true, depending on what breed of bird you intend on owning. However, there are some breeds that need much more attention and […]

How to Care for Tropical Fish

Tropical fish are becoming a more popular pet for many American households. Around 13.1 million American families include tropical fish, making them the third most popular type of pet. This is no surprise since these majestic creatures are beautiful, graceful, and their aquariums make a great talking piece for your living space.  These beautiful little […]

Hamster Ownership 101

Hamsters are adorable pets and they make a great first pet for kids since they are small and easily contained. However, they are not as easy to take care of as you may remember from when you were a kid. Hamsters are great for teaching an elementary school-aged child the responsibility of a pet but, […]