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Your Pets Hate Allergy Season Too!

There’s no denying it. Allergy season is officially upon us. This is the time of year most of us become victim to runny noses, itchy eyes and those lovely sneeze attacks that always happen at the worst times. Something to remember is that you aren’t the only one who can suffer from allergies. Your pet […]

Metal Heads & Cats

Roaring guitars and purring pets… Who knew metal heads were so mushy about cats?   No matter how intimidating or different someone might be, they usually have a soft side. Like a really soft side. Like the kind of soft that purrs and takes naps in the sun.   A new photography book by Alexandra […]

Jellybean & Mr. G

In an unlikely pairing of best friends, Jellybean and Mr. G have captured theHEARTS of so many with their tale of being reunited after they were rescued from a California home.   A goat named Mr. G and a burro named Jellybean were recently rescued from an animal hoarder in southern California. All the animals […]

Ticks & Fleas – NOPE

Because it’s summer, ticks and fleas are a big part of both our lives and our pet’s lives. Be sure to take proper care for protecting yourselves and pets from these pesky little buggers. Let’s take a closer look into the basic information of the enemy we face with our petsDURING this time of year, […]

Why Pets Make Babies Healthier

When a new baby comes into the home, one of the first things you think about is what is or is not safe for my baby? Often, having your beloved petsCONTINUE living in your home is questioned once your little bundle of love arrives.   But fear not! It has been reported by researchers in […]

Fat Cat Art

Sveltlana Petrova is a Russian artist who was inspired by the cat she’dINHERITED from her mother. She was feeling low and started inserting him into famous pieces of art to help bring her spirits back up after her mother’s death.   The now famous cat named Zarathustra, is 22 pounds and is quite the personality […]

Adopting Older Dogs

When the stereotypical dad goes to get his kids a new dog, usually it’s a brand new puppy. That’s great, having a dog can be good for kids and puppies have the energy to match them. Getting a new puppy from a breeder or someone whose pooch just had puppies isn’t a bad thing, but […]