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Best Cat Toys for Exercise

Cats are one of the most popular pets in homes today. Cat lovers always look for a way to keep their furry family members healthy and happy. For many cats, there is a lack of space where they can roam or run, and having exercise toys to keep them healthy and fit can make a big difference to their health and well-being. So, what are the best cat toys for exercise? Keep reading to discover which options are the best for value and benefits for cats and cat owners.

Best Cat Toys for Exercise

Many cat toys are on the market, but some are built better and hold up to use than your average option. It’s also important to remember that you want to choose a cat toy suitable for your cat’s developmental journey, size, and age. Here is a range of options to check out if you’re interested in providing some more excitement and stimulation for your cat.

Thrill Of The Hunt

Cats from a few months to several years old will love having a hunting toy. These products simulate prey movements and allow your cat to enjoy the thrill of the hunt without actually engaging with natural prey. These toys are also essential for young kittens to help them develop their skills, coordination, and instincts. Some examples are floppy fish, feather toys, battery-operated motion toys, handheld ribbons, and toy mice. These types of toys are fun for both the cat and its owners. These toys also keep your cat moving and frequently exercising to help them with muscle development, burn calories, and manage its weight.


Catnip is a favorite for most cats. However, catnip can be somewhat messy without a well-built toy. Some great catnip toys on the market provide the excitement and scent they enjoy without the herb mess on your floor. Some catnip toys use oil, and some are refillable with catnip herbs. Catnip toys may make cats playful and encourage them to swat and play with them. It’s a fun way to introduce some more exercise and boost your cat’s mood. Cat owners understand how sporadic our feline friends can be and there are reasons why cats do odd behaviors.

Running Wheels

If you’re limited on space but serious about your cat’s health, these little gems are amazing. The weight control can be challenging if your cat lives in a small area and doesn’t have access to the outdoors regularly. These products are designed to allow your cat to run at its own pace to satisfy the urge to run even in small areas. This is an excellent addition if you live in a small cottage, apartment, or even a tiny home. They can exercise when they want and get the chance to build muscles and naturally burn calories. These wheels are available online and in major pet retail stores.


Cats can be motivated to exercise by giving them toys that encourage exercise and disperse a treat gradually. Rather than simply handing them treats, you can encourage them to exercise and satisfy their cravings with one product. These toys are usually balls with a dispenser that allows a single treat to fall out after playing with it.

Climbing & Swatting

Climbing and swatting are great fun and essential skills for cats. Consider getting them a cat tree with swatting toys on board. They allow your cat to get up high and play all in one. You can also purchase them separately. Many pet centers carry shelving that gradually ascends to a cat platform or tree at the top of your wall. If you need room for climbing toys and devices, try the floor-mounted batting and swatting toys. They even make smaller types with balls inside that encourage exercise and engagement.

Overall, before purchasing any of these toys, it’s essential to consider the health and age of your cat. If your cat is young and developing, you should skip the running wheel and catnip toys. Opt for smaller toys that encourage them to swat and stalk prey. Treat dispensing toys are also perfect for the first year. You should also consider checking out our blog on how to train your new kitty.

As your cat ages, a running wheel and climbing toys can be added to your toy collection. However, if the cat has health and mobility issues, keep your toy selection to interactive products that allow them to play with a limited range of motion required, and purchase products that improve their health and their surroundings. Swatting toys and interactive toys are good choices. Overweight cats can benefit from the running wheel and toys that engage their hunting instincts. Try experimenting with a few options and if you’re unsure, ask your vet for recommendations.

If you’re like most pet owners your main concern is to keep your cat or dog healthy. Consider getting a pet air purifier, CritterZone ensures better air quality for not only your pet but you and your family as well. It also acts as an odor eliminator, knocking out the worst pet smells for good.

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