We’ve all been there: You walk into the home of a pet owner, and you immediately notice that unmistakable “cat smell” in the air. Sometimes it’s caused by a problem with the animal’s health. Other times, it may be a litter box that’s overdue for a change, or a result of “accidents” on the carpet. Whatever the cause, no one wants their house to have a “cat smell.”

If you own cats, what can you do to make sure your home smells clean and inviting to you and your guests? Plug in a CritterZone Air Naturalizer! It will get to work right away, cleaning up the unpleasant smells in your home. Your guests will be remarking on how adorable your cat is, not thinking about how stinky it is!

CritterZone Air Naturalizer produces a natural charged flow to give indoor air the energy to clean itself, just like the sun does for outdoor air!

The CritterZone Air Naturalizer makes energized versions of the natural elements already found in the air.

CritterZone Air Naturalizer generates negative AND positive ions on a massive scale to energize the air, giving it the ability to break down pollutants.

CritterZone Air Naturalizer is fantastic for spot treatments for breaking down urine, spilt milk, and other odor and germ- concerning incidents.