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Fresh Air Might Be the Missing Key to Your Cat’s Health and Happiness

We Have The Answer to Your Cat’s Health

We all learned a lot about the value of fresh outdoor air this year. After a winter and spring being cooped up inside, how many of us went outside for a walk just to clear our heads and revitalize ourselves? I know that I always feel sharper and am in a better mood even if I can only get out in the sun for a few minutes. Well, there is a scientific reason for that: fresh air is essential not only for humans but for our furry friends, too.

Think about how your cat reacts to an open door or window. While he may be watching a bird in the tree across the yard or following cars with his eyes, it’s also the air itself that’s the attraction.

It’s different. It’s alive. It has energy!

Why is fresh air so important?

Air Purifier for Pets - Pet Odor Eliminator - cat health

The energy from the sun continually keeps all the elements in the outdoor air active and reacting with each other to break down pollutants. The air is constantly cleaning itself that way. Think about the wonderful smell of sheets fresh from an outdoor clothesline. Those active elements are reacting with the sheets, which gets rid of the chemical smells left by detergents. The self-regulation of outdoor air is truly amazing!

How does energized fresh air help my cat’s health?

Humans and pets alike are biologically programmed to live and interact with the outdoor environment. The active elements that exist outdoors are interacting with our skin and with our respiratory system. Fresh air stimulates mucus and keeps respiratory systems transferring oxygen and carbon dioxide freely, preventing harmful pathogens from entering your cat’s body. It reduces the accumulation of bacteria and deactivates irritating allergens on the skin. It stimulates the production of tears to keep the eyes healthy.

Energized air allows oxygen to enter the bloodstream more easily. That, combined with the increased permeability of the tissues, allows blood oxygen levels to increase. Increased blood oxygen improves the immune system, energy levels, and digestion.

Even though hot spots are more common in dogs, they do occur in cats when a cat repeatedly licks or scratches at the same itchy spot. In many cases, spots like that disappear when the cat spends some time in a fresh air environment. Energized air assists in the natural cleaning of the skin and reduces skin infections by reducing the accumulation of bacteria and allergens.

Providing fresh air for indoor cats

This all sounds great, but most cats will live longer and safer lives when kept indoors. how do we make sure our cat is getting the fresh energized air it needs?

CritterZone provides that same natural energy found in outdoor air indoors. It is not a filter or a traditional ion generator. It does not utilize any perfumes or chemicals. It simply replicates the balance and the intensity of positive and negative charge to the high organic level in a manner better than any previous technology. Replication of natural levels produces natural results with no unintended surprises.

Air Purifier for Pets - Pet Odor Eliminator - forestYour cat will is not the only one who will benefit, fresh air is good for your whole environment. Your indoor living space will get all the benefits of fresh air. Energized air reacts with the moisture on all indoor surfaces to create surface environments that do not allow the growth of micro-organisms. The surfaces become self-sanitizing without adding harmful materials. Everywhere the air can get, 24 hours a day, surfaces stay clean.

The CritterZone will also go to work on odors in the same way that it goes to work on any other pollutants in the home. It eliminates litter box odors to the point that you may wonder whether your cat has even used the litter box!

Is anyone in your home allergic to cats? The fresh energized air environment not only reduces the amount of cat dander produced by your cat, but it will also make a person’s body less receptive to whatever dander exists.

Improve indoor air quality for you and your pets with CritterZone – an air purifier for pets and pet odor eliminator.

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