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How do I get rid of pet odors in my home?

How to Get Rid of Pet Odors – What You Need to Know

For anyone who lives with cats knows that their feline companions can be the instigators of a variety of unpleasant odors that can permeate the home’s interior and everything in it. Dealing with and finding solutions for pet odor removal can be a challenge.

Air Purifier for Pets - Pet Odor Eliminator - two cats on treeWhat Causes Pet Odor?

One of the top factors on the list of pet odor causing items is the cat box. There are numerous cat litter products available with fragrance enhancers, but that doesn’t eliminate the issue of pet odor.

There can also be unexpected accidents, which may occur with young kittens or senior felines. These accidents may result in smelly urine spots on the carpet. Upset stomachs can also result in smelly spots throughout the home due to vomiting or the kitty doesn’t make it to the litter pan in time.

Pet Odor Removal Options

For many people, the way to deal with pet odor emanating from the litter pan is by using odor-grabbing litter, air fresheners, and over-the-counter products. While these are an option, they can be expensive, and in some cases, the pet odor culprit is only masked and not removed.

Masking Pet Odors

Over-the-counter products are available at grocery stores and pet centers. Many have the dual task of masking and neutralizing pet odors. While these products may take care of removing pet odor immediately once applied, over the long term, they only work temporarily.

Additionally, if you continue to use masking products, eventually the scent will need to become stronger and stronger the longer you use the products to do an effective job.

Fragrances in cleaning products pose a different issue for those with allergies. The cleaning products may contain a high concentration of chemicals, which can result in allergies, respiratory issues and migraine headaches for those who live in the home or even those who visit.

Masking is not an effective means of eliminating pet odor. To thoroughly address pet odor removal, consider taping into today’s technology with an in-home system, such as the CritterZone Air Neutralizer that generates and supports clean, fresh air.

Benefits of CritterZone

Whenever you are outside, you’re surrounded by the natural elements of fresh air. and sunshine What we breathe in is the result of the sun and wind working together to charge the atmosphere that results in breaking down and dispelling odors and allergens from the atmosphere.
When indoors, the duo of sun and wind is not applicable resulting in rooms that have assorted stale odors and plenty of allergens. The CritterZoneAir Purifier for Pets - Pet Odor Eliminator - fluffy cat system creates an energized version of the elements then puts to work, as a team, to clean the air of offensive odors. Through the reactions of the energy-packed elements, pet odor removal, bacteria, allergens, etc. are naturally removed.

The system does not mask odors, like over-the-counter products. The system does prompt the energized elements to clean the air the way outdoor elements keep the air fresh.

The system is designed to run continually. When the system is in use, the system can maintain the air quality in an 800-square-foot area.

For more information or questions about the affordable and energy-efficient CritterZone system – both an air purifier for pets and pet odor eliminator – made in the USA, contact us!


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