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How to Get Skunk Smell Out of My Dog

If you are a dog owner, you’re probably familiar with pet odor eliminators but what about skunk smell?

Dogs are naturally curious, and if they see a skunk, they may feel like chasing it. Unfortunately, if your dog gets sprayed, you might be at a loss for what to do next. If you are curious about how to remove skunk smell from dogs, take a look at some of the most important tips below.

1. Do Not Bathe Your Dog Right Away

First, you should resist the urge to bathe your dog immediately. Even though you will probably want to give your dog a bath as quickly as possible, if you do not have the proper tools to get the smell out of your dog, you will not be able to remove the odor. Furthermore, you could mistakenly set the oils deep into your dog’s coat, making it even harder for you to get rid of the smell from your dog. Therefore, avoid bathing your dog until you have the necessary tools.

2. Keep Your Dog Outside

Even though your dog might be a bit spooked, you should try to keep your dog outside. Your dog will probably want to follow you indoors because your dog won’t know what is going on. Unfortunately, this will make your entire home smell like a skunk. Therefore, make sure you keep your dog outside. If you are curious about how to remove this and other odors from your home, including how to remove dog urine smell from carpet, check out CritterZone to learn more.

Air Purifier for Pets - Pet Odor Eliminator - dog bath3. Get the Necessary De-Skunking Products

Now, it is time for you to gather the necessary supplies to remove the odor of a skunk from your dog. There are several specialty shampoos that have been made with a specific formula to break down the oils that are released by a skunk. If you do not get the right products, all you will do is mask the odor, and it will eventually return.
If you do not have time to go to the store, or if you are having a difficult time finding a specialty shampoo, you can always make your own. A mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and a teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap will work well as a DIY product. You should combine one quart of hydrogen peroxide and ⅓ of a cup of baking soda. Three percent hydrogen peroxide is one of the most common strengths sold, and it will do the trick in this case.

4. Be Prepared for a Fight

Now, it is time for you to bathe your dog. Make sure that you have all of your traditional bathing supplies in addition to the de-skunking solution. You should make sure you have gloves, a washcloth, plenty of towels, and a gentle nozzle. Make sure you have a designated place to bathe your dog. Ideally, this will take place outside. That way, you can avoid getting the odor in the house.
As you bathe your dog, try to identify the areas where the dog was sprayed. You need to apply the product directly to that specific location. Be sure to massage the solution into your dog gently. Even though you want to be firm, you do not want to harm your dog. Try to keep your dog calm during bath time.

Air Purifier for Pets - Pet Odor Eliminator - bath time5. Bathe Your Dog Using Your Regular Shampoo

Once you have successfully removed all of the odor from your dog, make sure you bathe your dog again using regular shampoo. This is important for removing all of the specialty solutions that you just applied to your dog. If you have a regular shampoo you use, now is the time to break it out. Once you are done, make sure that you dry your dog thoroughly. Keep in mind that you may have to go through this process multiple times, so try to keep your dog outside until you are certain the odor is gone.

6. CritterZone Can Help

Even though it can be frustrating when your dog is sprayed by a skunk, it is not the end of the world. There is a way for you to remove the odor, but you need to be patient and use the right materials. Consider an air purifier for pets – and pet odor eliminator – like CritterZone Air Naturalizer to help eliminate odors. It creates a natural, charged flow that fills your room or vehicle and continually cleans the air. CritterZone provides indoor air with the natural charge it needs to virtually eliminate odors, allergens, dust and bacteria. Contact us today to learn more about CritterZone.

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