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How to Make Your Dog Stink Less

Ways to Help Your Dog Stink Less

Some dogs just stink! There are many components to consider when trying to find the source of your dog’s odor. Diet, lifestyle, and environment can all impact the way your dog smells. Before taking your pup to the groomer, use this guide to make your dog stink less!

Bathe your dog thoroughly and often

Veterinarians suggest bathing your dog every 3 months. Excessive baths can dehydrate your dog’s skin. Artificially scented shampoos just mask or cover up odor, rather than getting rid of the problem. Try aromatherapy shampoos for eliminating the odors, citrus or tea tree oils are terrific for deodorizing.

Consider using a conditioner if your dog has longer fur. Conditioner can help minimize your brushing time as it can coat your dog’s fur in oils and prevents them from tangling in the first place. Also, look out for skin issues and go to the vet for a medicated shampoo prescription.

Groom your dog

You might think that bathing and grooming are the same thing, but they’re different and equally as important. Begin by cleaning your dog’s ears. Ears are frequently the source of stinky dog scents. But, do not clean them too often, only if they are visibly dirty.

To clean your dog’s ears you can buy wipes, mineral oil, or a premade ear cleaner. First, wipe any noticeable ear wax. Then thoroughly wipe all the crevasses. Do not use Q-tips or any other objects to force into the ear canal.
If there is a very strong scent coming from the ear, it is possible that it’s an ear infection which will need to be treated by a veterinarian. Ear infections are often paired with redness, swelling, and discharge. If you think your dog has an infection, get them to the vet as soon as possible.

After thoroughly cleaning your dog’s ears, brush or comb your dog. You should do this as often as daily. Then, clean your dog’s teeth. This can also be done on a daily basis. Make sure to have a toothbrush that fits in your dog’s mouth nicely.

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Make sure your dog is healthy

Low-quality food will influence the way your dog smells. Foods with more raw meat, fruits, and vegetables will help to neutralize odor. Lower-quality food often contains fillers that aren’t digestible and can cause, dog odor, dulled coat, gas, and bad breath.

Shift your dog’s food slowly. Add small amounts of the new food to the current food and increase the amount at each mealtime. Make sure to take note of your dog’s reactions to the new food, if your dog is farting a lot, this is a sign that you’re transitioning too fast.

Some of us tend to feed our pets from the table. However, this could be what is causing your dog’s bad fragrance. Preventing your dog from eating from the trash will help your odor problem as well.

Taking your dog on a daily walk and getting outside to play ball as often as possible will help keep your dog happy and healthy. Fresh air is important to your dog’s health. When you can’t make it outside to get that air, you can rely on CritterZone.

Clean your dog’s things

If your dog has its own bed, make sure to wash the coverings often. This will help prevent dirt and odor build up as well as reduce the chance of fleas. Wash at the highest temperature possible with non-scented laundry detergent or baking soda. Avoid using fabric softeners as they could aggravate your dog’s skin. To dry the bedding, use the low heat setting on your dryer or dry them in the sun.

For other items such as toys or larger beds, wash them with a hose and scrub with mild soap and a sponge or toothbrush. Some toys can be washed in the dishwasher, however, make sure to thoroughly rinse them in the sink to ensure that there is no soap residue.

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