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How to Prepare Your Dog for Flea and Tick Season

With the weather warming up outside, a lot of people are getting their dogs ready for tick season.

Even though you might want to visit the local lake, go for a few hikes, and take your dog to the local park, you also need to be aware that fleas and tick season is during the summer. Therefore, it is important for you to think about flea and tick prevention for dogs. What are a few of the most important points you need to keep in mind? Take a look at a few key tips below if you are interested in the best flea and tick for dogs tricks.

1. Cut Your Lawn

If you want to prevent your dog from being infested with fleas, you should cut your lawn lower. Fleas like to live in tall grass. Therefore, if your grass gets too tall, you may end up with a lot of fleas. If you find that your dog is already coming inside with fleas, then your lawn might be the culprit. Make sure you cut your lawn as low as possible and don’t forget to launder all of the fabrics in your house. Spray your upholstery with a product that has been recommended by your local veterinarian. You can prevent fleas from landing on your dog if you take good care of your lawn this summer.

2. Use Flea Prevention Products Recommended By Your Veterinarian

You should also use flea prevention products that have been recommended by your veterinarian. There may be specific sprays and shampoos that your veterinarian recommends to keep your dog safe from fleas. There are some situations where these products might vary based on the type of dog you have, so you should consult your veterinarian for more information. If you are interested in flea prevention products that have already been endorsed by veterinarians, you may want to take a look at some of the helpful information available on CritterZone.

3. Check Your Dog for Ticks When Returning from the Outdoors

Ticks are particularly dangerous for dogs. They can cause a wide variety of issues including blood loss, anemia, Lyme disease, skin irritation, and tick paralysis. It takes some time for ticks to infect a dog, which is why you need to check your dog thoroughly when he or she comes back from the outdoors. Keep in mind that ticks prefer to attach close to the head and neck, but you can find them on just about any portion of your dog’s body. That is why you should check your dog thoroughly when you come back from the outdoors.

Air Purifier for Pets - Pet Odor Eliminator - white dog sits4. Keep Your Dog Out of Tall Grass as Much as Possible

Ticks like tall grass. While it might be difficult for you to totally control your dog when you go outside, you should keep your dog out of tall grass as much as possible. In particular, you should try to stay away from weeds in the woods. These weeds can grow tall, and they can conceal ticks with ease. There is nothing wrong with going for a walk with your dog in the woods. Just be aware that ticks can hide in tall plants.

5. Groom Your Dog Properly

Finally, groom your dog properly during flea and tick season. For example, you may want to cut your dog’s fur a bit shorter. That way, you will have an easier time inspecting your dog for fleas and ticks. Furthermore, you give less surface area for fleas and ticks to latch on to. In addition, your dog would probably appreciate having shorter fur during the summer. That way, your dog doesn’t overheat as quickly. If you do a good job of grooming your dog during the summer, you can reduce your chances of having to deal with ticks and fleas down the road.

Get Ready for Flea and Tick Season with CritterZone

In the end, there are a lot of ways you can protect your dogs during flea and tick season, and our CritterZone  – both an air purifier for pets and pet odor eliminator – uses AirNatural technology to keep your home clean, odor free, and healthy for your pet while you’re using flea prevention medication. You can learn more about the health benefits of our product.

As you’re busy planning your summer, make sure you think about how you can keep your dog safe from fleas and ticks and improve your indoor air quality. Contact us today.

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