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How to Throw the Ultimate Pup Party!

If your pup’s birthday is coming up and you’re trying to figure out exactly what to do to celebrate with your special guy, look no further! We have created the ultimate guide to throwing a bash for your furry friend. Throwing a birthday party for your friends can be intimidating, you don’t want to disappoint anyone, and you don’t want to throw a lame party. Lucky for you, your dog is your number one biggest fan! Your dog will love any party you plan, but to make the day extra special, keep reading!

Invite all your pet’s friends to the best Pup Party!

Air Purifier for Pets - Pet Odor Eliminator - pup partyMake a guest list including all your friends, as well as your pets. Think about bringing some invitations with you on your next trip to the dog park. Make sure that all your furry guests get along well with each other and any humans that are invited. Kids love dogs, but not all dogs love kids, so make sure that your guest list is created thoughtfully if you plan to have children joining in on the festivities.

Pick a location

No matter if you’re inviting 3 canine pals or 30, you’ll want to make sure you have enough space to contain all the excitement that comes with a canine celebration. Throwing the bash away from your home and your dog’s turf will help to prevent any unintended territory issues. Sometimes, dogs can feel threatened when other dogs, especially many other dogs, invade their space.
Outdoor spaces like dog parks or off-leash nature preserves are great choices since there is plenty of space for running, and no one will get upset about their landscaping getting torn up. If an outdoor space isn’t an option due to weather or location limitations, call some doggy daycares. Some of them offer room rentals for dog parties!

Bring plenty of toys and treats

All dogs love toys. So bring enough toys for everyone! Bring a variety of toys, too. Rope toys are great for multiple dogs to play with. Balls and squeaky toys are good interactive toys for people and dogs to engage with. You may want to leave any favorite toys at home since some dogs can become protective over their special toys.
There’s are tons of great DIY dog treat recipes out there. Frozen berry pup-sicles are fun for summer parties. Just remember, if you’re planning on adding a candle to your guest of honor’s treat, put it out before he chomps down into a world of pain.

Plan fun, dog-friendly activities

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Any good party has plenty of entertainment options, and a dog party is no different. It might even be more important at a dog party since dogs are much less capable of entertaining themselves safely. Bringing toys is great, but your doggy guests are sure to get bored sooner or later.
Make a doggy ball pit! As a kid, a ball pit was the epitome of fun. Now, imagine being a dog, in a pit full of your favorite thing. We think that’s as close to doggy heaven as you can get. You can either use the traditional plastic balls or you can swap those out for tennis balls. And if you don’t have a pit to fill, you can build an above ground variation. Use some rabbit wire or a dog exercise pen, and fill the space with balls!
Scavenger hunts are a fun activity to get humans and pups involved. By including some exciting dog items and fun human items you can make it fun for everyone. Tennis balls, squeaky toys, and treats will make the pups go on a wild chase. While leashes, pet food samples, or grooming tools will make you human guests ooh and ah.

Be prepared for the poop

Air Purifier for Pets - Pet Odor Eliminator - pup party 3We’ve all heard the saying, “I was so excited, I pooped my pants!” Well, it’s true for dogs too. So before your party turns into a mess, make sure you have a plan for all the excited pups and their possible poops. Provide poop bags at the door so everyone is ready when the time comes.
If you’re having an outdoor party, you might think you can be more lax about the poop pick up policy. But, you have to consider that other dogs might run right through another dog’s pile and make a big, stinky mess. You’ll want to be vigilant and watch for any squatters.
An indoor party will require scheduled breaks so everyone can relieve themselves and get back to partying. Leaving this up to owner’s can work, but it’s best to be prepared with a scheduled potty break every once in a while. Having fun colored poop bags might encourage your friends to use their bags!

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