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Ideal Pets for Smaller Spaces

If you live in a small dwelling, you know that finding the right pet to coexist with you in your space could be a challenge. However, a few excellent options would provide you with great companionship and tolerate space limitations very well. Then there’s making sure your pets are taken care of 24/7 and you have enough food, their nails trimmed regularly, and a pet air purifier to ensure they stay healthy and active. Consider these top choices that make owning a pet much more manageable, even when you don’t have much square footage to offer.

Best Pets for Small Spaces

Especially in and around bigger metropolitans it can be difficult to have a pet let alone have a pet in a small space. There are a million things to do and keep doing once you commit to a pet. However, if you want a companion who’s always going to greet you happily when you get home and, of course, love you unconditionally then maybe consider one of these ideal pets for small spaces:


Gerbils are an excellent choice for people who want a very friendly and interactive pet but need more space to offer. The gerbil is a small rodent similar to a larger mouse or rat but smaller than a Guinea Pig. They are social creatures but don’t require your full attention throughout the day, like a dog or a cat. However, they do best in pairs because they like to have a buddy in their space. They are also great for older children and adults. Their food requirements are relatively small, and they don’t need to eat frequently. They also don’t have an odor, which is a big plus. Overall, they are a good choice for anyone who leads a busy lifestyle but wants a furry friend to keep them company during their downtime.


Cats are notoriously great companions, and they function well in smaller spaces. However, you want to ensure you have enough room for them to roam, hide, and climb. They also require an area for their litter box and food. Aside from those basic requirements, they are ideal for companionship without being as heavy maintenance as dogs. Cats can sometimes be destructive to your furniture, but if you have a scratching post and engaging toys, keep that to a minimum. Try to socialize with your cats so you can take them outside and on adventures to give them some variety if you live in a small space. It’s enrichment time that makes living in a small dwelling easier for them and you.

Beta Fish

Beta fish are ideal for almost any size of space. They don’t require a large tank. They do well with a single-gallon tank. They also do their best to live alone because they fight others of their species. These fish live for a few years and produce large, showy fins that are sometimes brightly colored. The male beta fish are the showiest looking and have large flowing fins. The females are duller in color with small fins. However, males and females both make great pets. They can eat regular fish or beta-color-enhancing food. They also don’t need a special filter or aerator like other fish. You can get started with your new beta fish for around $20, making them an economical pet. They make an excellent gift for children too.


Snakes are an excellent choice for a small space, but they have specific requirements. If you live in a rental or apartment, ensure it’s okay to have a snake in your home first, because some places won’t allow it. Snakes also require more equipment and can be expensive. They need warming lights, tanks or terrariums with latches, ornaments, and features in the tank, special food like mice, and require plenty of socialization and handling.


Lizards come in all shapes and sizes. Their dispositions also vary greatly. Some species, such as geckos, iguanas, and bearded dragons, are among the favorites for their pleasant disposition and low maintenance. With some hands-on work, you can take them with you in public. However, you’ll want to read up and educate yourself on how to care for them because they are delicate creatures that become ill easily. They are a good transition pet for people who want a more exotic pet than a fish or a rodent but nothing that requires too much care and equipment.

Keep Pets Healthy in Small Spaces

As pet owners, we share a common interest in keeping our pets as happy and healthy as possible. So, with that in mind consider a pet air purifier such as CritterZone. It’s not only perfect for smaller spaces because it takes up no room and it cleans the indoor air for you and your little friend. In addition to improving air quality, CritterZone creates a thriving environment for animals who live inside mostly and works as a pet odor eliminator as well.

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