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Is CritterZone an Ion Generator or Ozone Generator?

Inventor of CritterZone Answers:

People familiar with air purification often ask us this question. I am struck by the difficulty of bridging the gap between ordinary meanings and ordinary things and the need for absolute technical correctness of the same terms. In this case, everyone is correct.

Let’s define terms.

Ion Generators (or negative ion generators) In common experience they are small devices designed to produce small quantities of negatively charged particles. Historically they are marginally effective because power levels need to be kept low to prevent electrical breakdown, wall blackening, and electrical discharge or sparking. However, some benefit has been observed with particle reduction and a resulting feeling of “well-being”.

In technical terms, ion generators or sources include the total range of devices capable of producing negative charges or electrons or particles carrying these charges. The amount of charge or number of electrons varies in scale from subatomic to interstellar with the sun being an example of a large ion generator. Technically ion generators can be either positive or negative but positive ion generators produce only particles with negative charges removed (thereby becoming positive).

Ozone generators in common language are devices designed to create unstable versions of oxygen known as ozone. They produce from hundreds to 10’s of thousands of grams of ozone per hour with that gas being the desired product. They are used in all manner of air and water purification and with a number of very modern medical applications including some recent Covid-19 treatments.

Technically anything that produces directly or indirectly even a single molecule of ozone is an ozone generator and our sun is a well-known example.

Is CritterZone an ozone and ion generator?

In common terms no it is not. The goal of CritterZone is to produce enough electrons to duplicate the densities occurring in sunlight drenched outdoor areas. To accomplish this CritterZone produces and distributes electrons in the trillions per hour as compared to ion generators producing millions per hour. In addition, CritterZone produces trillions of electron sinks sometimes referred to as “positive charges” to balance the free electron and maintain the total electron count to outdoor levels. A totally different process from ion generators.

The energy (measured as few electrons in the air) has a tendency to destabilize all molecules to a greater and lesser degree. Everything from hydrogen and oxygen all thru the periodic table. Some oxygen is destabilized and will therefore become an ozone molecule but hardly in the concentration required to be considered an ozone generator.

Interestingly this same destabilizing action also speeds the reactions breaking down the ozone in the air to return to ordinary oxygen just as an unstable version of water is returned to water through the addition of energy.

To sum it up in terms of the common definition of ion generators and ozone generators, CritterZone is neither of these. Yet in terms of scientific language CritterZone uses sources and sinks of electrons or ions so technically it is an ion generator.

The process of establishing outdoor levels of energy (free electron) in the air and maintaining it does destabilize molecules in the air creating some trace amounts of ozone as well as a number of other beneficial elements.

For five decades of researching and designing ion generators, ozone generators, air-cleaning devices of all types one of the major problems is the difficulty of describing functions in such a way as to help people understand the concept in terms and products already known o them when describing something new.

Improve indoor air quality for you and your pets with CritterZone – an air purifier for pets and pet odor eliminator.

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