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Jellybean & Mr. G

In an unlikely pairing of best friends, Jellybean and Mr. G have captured theHEARTS of so many with their tale of being reunited after they were rescued from a California home.


A goat named Mr. G and a burro named Jellybean were recently rescued from an animal hoarder in southern California. All the animals taken from the home were sent to different shelters due to neglect which split up Jellybean and Mr. G. after being together for a decade.


Mr. G arrived inGOOD HEALTH at Animal Place, an animal sanctuary, where Ms. Galeazzi was his caretaker. She said Mr. G went into a deep depression after the split, staying in the corner of his stall, refusing to eat anything or go outside for six whole days. “He was basically starving himself to death and there was nothing I could do to make him eat,” Galeazzi said. “I’ve never seen an animal go on a hunger strike; he was quite dramatic.”


Once she figured out that Mr. G was grieving the loss of his lifelong companion, Animal Place arranged for the reunion of the two best buds. Volunteer, Jeff McCracken, offered to drive 14 hours roundtrip to bring Jellybean to Animal Place.





As youWATCH THE VIDEO, you can see when Mr. G realizes his pal is back, as he immediately perks up. As soon as he saw his Jellybean, he had a completely different personality. Within 20 minutes of Jellybean’s arrival Mr. G finallySTARTED eating.



“What we didn’t realize, is the depth of their bond,” Galeazzi said. These days he is never more than 10 feet from her side.


Jellybean and Mr. G will be moving to Animal Place’s main sanctuary in Grass Valley and will not be separated. They are also not up for adoption and will become permanent residents there.





Tuesday, May 20, 2014

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