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Last Minute Halloween Pet Costume Ideas

Looking for Pet Costume Ideas?

Around this time of year, we’re all trying to figure out what we will be wearing to our Halloween festivities but we often overlook our fuzzy friends when planning. Pets love to be involved in family fun, mostly because they love to be around us, so dressing them up can be fun for everyone involved. All the pet-friendly Halloween costumes on this list are easy and affordable to recreate on a short timeline.

Stuffed Animal

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Which a small amount of white felt and some string or ribbon, you can turn your furry pal in to a bonafide Beanie Baby, straight out of the 90s. Start by cutting a piece of white felt or thicker paper into a heart shape and tracing the classes “ty” bubble letter logo. Then, color the rest of the heart shape, outside the letters with a red sharpie. Let it dry for a few minutes before poking a hole in the peak of the heart and securing a string through it. Make sure the string is long enough to go around your dog’s neck. Alternatively, you can attach the tag to your dog’s collar with a smaller piece of string.


If your dog has ever had to use a cone collar and didn’t act like it was the end of the world while it was on, this costume is quick and easy! Make some olives from green balloons and paint or another lightweight, round object and secure it to the side of the cone with tape or glue.

Blooming flower

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Another easy DIY dog cone transformation! Get some construction paper and tape. Cut the construction paper into petal shapes, and secure the petals to the cone with some scotch tape. Different colors and petal shapes can create different flowers, so if you’ve got a few pups, you can create a bouquet!


All you need for this simple costume is a hot glue gun, an old shirt or dog sweater, and two shades of green foam paper. First, make sure the dog sweater or shirt you plan on using fits your pup nicely. Then, cut the green foam sheets into elongated pentagon shapes. Then, in varying colored order, hot glue them to the shirt/dog sweater.


This one can be purchased for fairly cheap or DIY’ed if you have simple sewing skills. All you need to purchase for this simple costume is a tutu, and voilà, your dog is a tiptoed dancer! If you plan on making the costume, you will need fabric elastic and tulle. Just sew the tulle to the elastic using a bunching technique. Make sure to measure your dog’s belly circumference to ensure a snug, but not too tight, fit.

Horse and cowboy

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Supplies needed for this cute and funny costume are cheap if you don’t already own them, and the creation process is super easy. All you will need is a hot glue gun, two pieces of felt or other fabric, an old stuffed animal, and fabric elastic for securing the saddle to your pup. Cut two pieces of different colored felt or fabric into ovals, one larger than the other. Then, create a tasseled look on the larger oval shape’s edge. Hot glue the two pieces of fabric or felt together and hot glue the fabric elastic to the opposite side, ensuring that the strip is long enough to fit around your dog’s belly. Finally, hot glue the old stuffed animal on top!

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