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Local Volunteer Organizations to Help Animals

Animals are easy to love, but not everyone can have pets where they live or due to their work schedules. Some people love animals but don’t want full-time responsibility. And some that do have pets just can’t ever seem to have enough.

In any case, there are many reasons to volunteer with organizations that help animals, but it’s not always easy to know where to start. If you’re interested in being an animal volunteer here are some local organizations you can check out near you.

National Animal Organizations

The following are a few organizations that can lead you to a volunteer opportunity that suits your needs and preferences. You can follow the link to each and explore more about what each organization has available.

Humane Society of the United States

The Humane Society is a well-known organization that aims to protect all animals. Unfortunately, they don’t always have the hands, time, and resources to complete the outreach they wish for. And they gladly accept volunteers to help in many different areas. If you choose to volunteer with the humane society, you can get involved with tasks such as rescuing animals, in-shelter care, such as feedings and baths, fostering animals in your home, and more.

Animal Humane Society

The Animal Humane Society is also dedicated to protecting animals and is happy to accept volunteers both on and off-site. They do provide openings for volunteers that want to work directly in the shelter and for those who wish to foster animals. However, they have various other volunteer roles, such as toy making, picking up donations, transporting animals, food distribution, and more.


The ASPCA or Animal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has volunteer opportunities available around the country for different types of animals. For instance, there are several positions that allow you to work in adoption shelters to help sort donations, clean animal enclosures, wash laundry, and more. Other volunteer examples include fostering pets, working with horse advocates, rescuing animals in crisis, and more.

Best Friends Animal Society

The Best Friends Animal Society is a network of hundreds of organizations around the US dedicated to putting an end to stopping the legalized killing of cats and dogs. They do this through adoption programs, spaying and neutering, and more. Thanks to so many organizations being involved, they have a wide range of volunteer opportunities that you can complete both on-site locally and from your home. Some examples include record managers, social media managers, video editors, and hands-on positions with animals.

Vet Set Go

Vet Set Go is an organization that is designed for aspiring veterinarians. However, their website also has a tab dedicated to volunteering opportunities. You’ll find many interesting options there from organizations in need of help, including animal hospitals, farms, zoos, ranches, and more. Depending on your preferences and your local options, you could be doing anything from mucking horse stalls to feeding and bathing cats and dogs at local shelters.

Additional Places to Volunteer

The organizations listed here are some great options for you to check out, but they’re certainly not the only ones. You can always call around or stop by your local veterinary clinics, animal shelters, and farms to see if they need any help.

Search online to see if there are any smaller organizations in your area. You can also find many different volunteer opportunities, including animal-related ones. And if you’re interested in volunteering abroad, GoEco has opportunities all around the world. You can work with sloths in Costa Rica, rhinos and more in South Africa, sea turtles in Sri Lanka, and more.

If you’re like us and love animals, especially if you have your own pet at home that you adore, invest in an air purifier for pets such as CritterZone to increase your home air quality. In addition, it’s a pet odor eliminator made to remove strong pet odors for good. Designed to improve you and your pet’s health, it brings the natural energy from the outdoors into your indoor space creating a thriving environment for everyone.

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