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Metal Heads & Cats

Roaring guitars and purring pets… Who knew metal heads were so mushy about cats?


No matter how intimidating or different someone might be, they usually have a soft side. Like a really soft side. Like the kind of soft that purrs and takes naps in the sun.


A new photography book by Alexandra Crockett will soon be released called “Metal Cats” combines two awesome subjects: the extreme personalities of the hardcore metal music scene and their adorable kitties. It turns out that some of these hardcore rockers are also hardcore  animal activists.


So what does this mean? Are these supposed dark and bleak demeanors just an act? Not at all. Crockett said that she believes there’s a lot more to it than that.


“I don’t think all the perceptions about the metal scene are completely wrong. But when it comes down to it, people in the metal community are just more willing and more able to show their dark sides. We all have that… everybody has dichotomy. They just show it more. So of course there’s also this softer side, this more adjusted within society side, with family and friends you care about and pets you care about and love. I don’t think people think about that very much, but it’s there.”


This reiterates just how important it is not to judge someone based on appearances. Just because someone looks scary and cold on the outside doesn’t mean that their insides aren’t mushier than a Hallmark commercial.

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