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Montana Wildfires Air Quality Issues

Air Quality Issues are a Result From the Montana Wildfires

Using a CritterZone System Will Help Improve the Air Quality

As a result of the Montana Wildfires that have been occurring the last few weeks, the air quality in those areas has declined drastically. Especially in Western Montana and Northern Idaho, the air quality has reached hazardous levels.

“Colin Seftor, an atmospheric scientist at NASA, said he believed that the smoke beyond the Western states was high enough in the atmosphere that there were no immediate health concerns for the rest of the country. But he said that such large clouds of particulates in the air could have a broader impact, like a reduction in temperatures on the ground. In the heart of wildfire country, the effects of the smoke were felt on the ground. For more than 30 hours within a five-day period in early September, the air quality in the Pacific Northwest was worse than the air being observed anywhere else in the world, according to Berkeley Earth, a nonprofit group focused on climate science.” (Griggs)

Air Purifier for Pets - Pet Odor Eliminator - Montana Wildfires

How Can a CritterZone Unit Improve the Air Quality?

CritterZone’s Air Naturalizer is an ionic air Naturalizer that removes virtually all the particles in the air that cause strong odors. Within minutes of plugging it in, you will see a dramatic improvement in the air quality in your home. Our units can help combat the unhealthy air that is seeping into your home, carpet, furniture, and fabrics. Even when the fires clear, homes will be polluted longer because the unhealthy air is trapped, and cut-off from nature’s natural energies- which would clean away the smoke outside.

Improve indoor air quality for you and your pets with CritterZone – an air purifier for pets and pet odor eliminator.

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