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Odd Things Cats Do & Why

As a cat owner, you have probably noticed that their behaviors are a bit peculiar. They are very different from owning dogs and will leave you questioning their motives. More than once, you have probably asked yourself why does my cat do that?

Why Does My Cat…

Although as cat owners we might think are feline friends are being random and weird for no reason there are actually motives behind these random acts. Believe it or not, we found more information on why cats do the odd things they do. Below are the most common behavior questions about cats, why they happen, and how to reverse them if necessary.

…Have the Zoomies in the Middle of the Night?

Have you woken up in the middle of the night to your cat bouncing around the house or woken up to find that papers, blankets, and toys are thrown all around your home? If so, your cat has the zoomies in the middle of the night. This is perfectly normal because cats sleep throughout the day, absorbing heat and storing energy. Indoor cats especially those who do not have access to the outdoors have extra energy built up late into the night.

The only way to get that energy out is to bounce around the home, spending a good hour or two bolting through the house, on the back of the couch, and going room to room until the sun comes up. This isn’t necessarily bad behavior, but if your cat is making too much of a mess or noise, you can offset these zoomies by playing with them throughout the day and keeping them busy so that they sleep at night.

…Paw or Knead My Chest?

Whether you are dozing in your recliner or sleeping in your bed, you may have woken up once or twice to your cat sitting on your chest, pawing at you, or making a kneading motion with their paws. Your first thought may be that they are trying to get comfortable or need something. One of the biggest reasons, though, is that they are just seeking attention and want all of yours on them at that moment. Don’t be offended when they are done, though. After they’ve gotten the pets and scratches they want, they will probably just jump down and be on their way.

If you snore, you probably attracted them to where you were and since they are there, they want to be rubbed. Watch the clock, though, when this happens again. If it is something that happens consistently in the early morning, they may want a head scratch, but they are also probably looking for breakfast.

…Hide in Plastic?

After bringing in groceries and unloading them, you start collecting plastic bags only to realize your cat is in one and trying to hide. When you go to unpack the water bottles from the plastic wrapper holding all 24 in, eight bottles later you stick your hand in to grab more and find your cat. The truth is, hiding is common practice for cats and normal behavior. When they hide in plastic, they enjoy the texture and crinkling noise it makes. These plastic bags and cardboard with the plastic bottles make a nice little hiding area for cats so that they can mimic hunting behavior, playing with you as you walk by.

If your cat starts chewing on plastic, that is cause for concern, and you will want to deter that behavior. Make sure they have a balanced diet and get all the required nutrition they need daily. Also, you want to stimulate your cat and keep them from getting bored. Get a few new cat toys and spend some time letting them chase and run so that they are not out looking for things to get into. If they still continue chewing on plastic, you may need to see a vet for a more in-depth analysis.

… Chew On My Plants?

If you have a few houseplants around with fibrous leaves, you may have noticed recently that they look as though something is chewing on them. One day you may actually catch your cat chowing down on your plant. These leaves allow your cat to clean their teeth and draw out some of the nutrients that it may be missing in its diet from processed cat food.

As long as the plants in your home are not toxic to your cat, they may be fine physically. If you are looking to stop this behavior, you want to keep your plants cut back, so they do not have leaves to chew on and keep enough chew toys around for your cat to keep them away from your plants.

Keep Your Kitty Healthy

While you cannot always control or explain the odd behaviors of your cat, you can keep them healthy by offering a clean environment. With an air purifier for pets from CritterZone, they will have an environment that reduces stress, allergies, and any other issues they may be having. Also as cat owners, we understand how litterbox smells can really impact your indoor living space. CritterZone acts as a pet odor eliminator as well to rid your home from your smells for good.

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