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Safe Thanksgiving Foods for Your Dog

Whether you’re training a new puppy or you’ve got the old family dog over for the holidays, Thanksgiving can be one of the most fun times to have a dog. However, you need to know which foods you can and can’t give your dog this Thanksgiving.

As a quick rule, you only want to give your dog lean, nutrient-rich foods. Make sure to avoid desserts, artificial sweeteners, and anything with too much fat or seasoning.

Let’s jump into the details of Thanksgiving foods that are good for dogs and Thanksgiving foods that are bad for dogs as well as a few holiday tips for your pup.

Safe Thanksgiving Foods for Your Dog

This Thanksgiving you can make sure to find a safe way to invite your dog to the table. He’s got some K9-friendly Thanksgiving food so your dog can have a plate in this holiday season.

Here’s a quick rundown of some Thanksgiving foods you can feed your dog, including:

  • Turkey Meat
  • Potatoes
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Green Beans
  • Apples
  • Pumpkin
  • Lean Desserts Like Yogurt

All these foods are safe for your dog this Thanksgiving, but there are a few ground rules that we need to cover before you give your dog any table scraps.

When it comes to giving your dog some healthy veggies this Thanksgiving, just make sure you’re not also accidentally giving them some dairy or hazardous sweeteners as well. Raw and roasted veggies are a great snack for your dog, but you should try and avoid feeding them anything that’s been cooked with dairy or other ingredients. You should also consider which vitamins to give dogs since some have proven unsafe as well.

When it comes to feeding your dog pumpkin you have one big thing to look out for. Chunks of pumpkin and pumpkin puree are a great and healthy choice for your dog but never feed your dog pumpkin pie mix.

Unsafe Thanksgiving Foods to NOT Feed Your Dog

There are some Thanksgiving foods that are just never safe for dogs. These are foods that are toxic, hazardous, or just bad for your pup’s health such as:

  • Turkey bones or skin
  • Gravy
  • Chocolate including chocolate desserts
  • Anything with alcohol
  • Onions or garlic
  • Grapes, raisins, and grape juice
  • Ham (too fatty)
  • Anything with dairy or high-fat content
  • Spicy foods or foods with herbs and seasonings

You should avoid feeding your dog any food that has seasoning or spices. While these might be delicious, and even healthy, for people, they can upset your dog’s stomach which could put a real downer on your family’s Thanksgiving.

If you’re feeding your dog any desserts, you want to make sure that you avoid feeding them anything with artificial Xylitol. Xylitol is an artificial sweetener that is toxic for dogs.

You should also avoid feeding your dog anything that’s got too much dairy, or fat, or could be a choking or digestive Hazard. This includes turkey bones which are often too small and delicate for your dog to properly chew.

Other Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Your Dog

Now that we’ve covered the food, we’ve got a few Thanksgiving safety tips for your dog.

We’ve got a few quick tips for keeping your dog happy and safe when friends and family come by to visit this Thanksgiving, which includes:

  • Set your dogs kennel up in a room that guests won’t have access for a quiet, safe space
  • You never know which family or friends may have allergies to dogs
  • Keep an eye on your house plants like Baby’s Breath can be toxic to dogs
  • Be ready to take action in case your dog accidentally eats toxic such as having an emergency vet number on hand

If you’re traveling this holiday season, take your dog to the vet before going on any long road trips. You want to make sure that your dog is up to date on vaccines, in good overall health, and ready for the road.

Make sure to pack a few of their favorite toys and plan for extra water, dog food, and stops along the way during your trip to see family this Thanksgiving. This year during festive family dinners, you can rest assured knowing that there are safe table scraps that your dog can share with you.

If you’re like most pet owners, we care as much about our furry friends’ health as we do our family, so consider giving them a healthier and more thriving environment indoors with CritterZone – a compact pet air purifier designed to be an odor eliminator as well as create better air quality for you and your pets!

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