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Should I Get My Dog a Bed?

After a long day at work where’s the first place you want to go? Your bed! Well, your dog probably feels the same way. After a long walk or trip to the dog park, Fido probably want to slump down onto a nice cozy dog bed. Even if your dog sleeps in bed with you, getting him his own bed is always a good idea. Dog beds can be a nice replacement for a crate once a puppy grows out of their crate phase. Plus, your pup will always have a spot, even if you have lots of friends over.

Your Dog Wants His Own Bed

Instinctually, dogs are nesters. When they were once wild animals, they were raised in dens. A den provides shelter from the elements and a hiding place from potential predators. This instinct still lives in today’s dogs. Even when dogs have a home, they will still seek to make their own space for a private den within your home.
By giving your dog a bed you’ll be providing him with the materials he needs to make his own den feel cozy. He can use his “den” when he’s feeling overwhelmed when there are a lot of new people over, or when you are using a loud appliance like a vacuum. The comfort of his own space will help him to feel more relaxed and protected.

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Cozy and Warm

Whether you live in a warm place or a cold place, there’s nothing like the feeling when you first hop into bed and cuddle into your blankets. Dogs have this same experience when they curl up in their beds. A soft blanket on top of your dog’s bed will provide him with extra material to use for burrowing if he chooses.
Much like children, a blanket can act as a comfort item on the go too. This is especially helpful for long trips, vet visits, and new environments. A blanket that they are familiar with and smells like home can create a “den” anywhere.

Dogs Need Sleep

The average adult dog sleeps for around 18 hours per day, and puppies sleep even more. That a lot of time for napping! Getting quality sleep is important for both owners and dogs. Good sleep helps maintain a healthy body and a strong immune system.
Having a dog in the bed is not conducive to good sleep for the dog or you. Giving your dog his own bed in your bedroom will allow for better sleep for both of you. Keeping the bed close to your bed will make sure that your dog still feels secure and close to you.

A Good Bed Supports Joints

Many older dogs get joint problems like arthritis or hip dysplasia. The best thing to help prevent these issues is a supportive dog bed. It can provide relief from joint pain as well as support the developing joints of puppies.
A good dog bed should have interlocking filling material, making the bed soft yet supportive. This kind of bed will promote longer sleep times, and encourage your dog to sleep in his own bed.

The cost of a dog bed is very low, and the benefits exceed the cost by miles. Your dog will thank you, and so will your vet!

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