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So You Got a Pet for Christmas…

What Happens If You Get A Pet for Christmas?

In 1000s of homes across the world, there will be one very special gift under the tree. The box may move on its own or make some noises, queuing everyone in one what’s inside. When the gift is unwrapped and the bows are all removed, a furry friend is revealed! Giving or getting a pet for Christmas is always very exciting no matter how old you are. However, all pets come with unseen quirks, including odors.

Odors are one of the main reasons that Christmas pets end up at shelters or being rehomed. Kittens come with stinky litterboxes, puppies have accidents in the house, and caged animals come with an assortment of new smells. Of course, there are many ways to handle these issues but not all of them are easy, fast-acting, or complete enough to save these pets from being rehomed.

However, with the new CritterZone air naturalization technology, combating pet odors is as easy as plugging in a lamp. After just 24 hours with your CritterZone unit plugged in near odor creation areas, you will notice a difference in your home. Whether your hamster cage stinks, or your dog has a habit of using the rug instead of the grass, CritterZone will remove the issue quickly, and completely.

While other products claim to remove odors, in reality, they are just covering the odors. CritterZone uses the same process that the sun and wind use to clean the air outside. Millions of positive and negative ions work together to reenergize the air, replicating outdoor air as closely as possible. No other product on the market uses this technology. Not only does this process remove odors like a charm, but it also creates healthier, fresher air for you and your pets.

Many pets do not get the amount of fresh air that they should be getting. It is not also realistic to let animals out as much as they should be let out due to limited fencing and outdoor space. This doesn’t mean that they should just go without! CritterZone replicates outdoor air as closely as possible, making your home’s indoor air just as fresh and healthy as what is right outside. No more longing stares out the window!

Improve indoor air quality for you and your pets with CritterZone – an air purifier for pets and pet odor eliminator.

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