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Top 5 Best Dog Toys

There are numerous dog toys out on the market, some are geared to small dogs, and some are more indestructible for larger dogs with big teeth. Toys are an important part of your dog’s life. They can be used to help discipline your dog, and they will learn to chew on their toys, not your furniture. In addition, many toys help to strengthen the jaw muscles, help clean their teeth and give them better-smelling breath. So, as you can see, dog toys are not just for their entertainment. They serve a purpose.

Air Purifier for Pets - CritterZone - Dog Toys

Why Dog Toys Are Necessary

Obviously, if you want to keep shoes and furniture intact then your dog needs toys. Not only does it keep them active, but it also provides mental stimulation, allows them a “safe” item to chew, and can be helpful in behavior modification.

Many dogs look for things to do, especially when their people aren’t around. Many occupy their time looking for things to chew, they often choose pillows, toilet paper rolls, and even furniture. But if they have their own toy to chew on, they are less likely to chew things they shouldn’t.

Toys are also mental stimulators. They encourage them to play reducing boredom. Unfortunately, they are like children in a way because they often get bored with toys, so many dog trainers suggest switching up their toys or rotating them. I think we all agree that the cost of a new toy, is far better than the cost of a new couch. In addition to being mentally stimulating, toys can really keep your dog healthy and active. Since most of us are pretty busy we don’t take our dogs on as many walks as we like, but toys can keep them moving in the meantime.

5 Best Dog Toys

After doing some digging, we’ve come up with five dog-approved toys that we believe are the best choices for your best friend:

Kong Classic

This dog toy has been around for over 40 years. And they still rank as one of the best toys for dogs. Some have a reservoir where you can put peanut butter; this will keep your dog active for hours. Kong also comes in different strengths and sizes so you can choose the perfect, most durable item for your dog. One of the best things about Kong is that you can easily wash them, and you can also wash them in the top rack of the dishwasher.

ZippyPaws Woodland Friends

Not only is this toy adorable, but it also has a lot going on to keep your dog interested. It is a hide-in-seek game, the chipmunks go in the log, and your dog must figure out how to get them out. It is also a squeaky toy. There is plenty to keep your dog entertained for hours. It is a high-quality product and masterfully designed.

Leaps & Bounds Monkey Fist Rope Tug

This is a great toy for a young dog. It is designed for small dogs. It has a handle so you can hold on to it while your pup plays and tries to get it away. It is perfect for tug of war and can withstand plenty of chewing!

RuffWear Hydro Plane Floating Disc

If your dog loves the water or playing in the snow, it deserves a hydroplane floating disc. It is made from foam and floats on the water’s surface for your dog to retrieve. It is made from an abrasion-resistant material to stand up to just about any dog’s rough-housing activity. It will maintain its shape and is brightly covered for your dog to spot it easily.

Woodies Dog Chew

This is a U.S.-made dog toy/chew that is 100% natural, organic, and contains no additional additives. It is made from coffee wood, one of the strongest and safest woods for pets. It is strong and long-lasting while being good for your dog’s teeth. It helps to strengthen jaw muscles while it cleans teeth and gums. You may also notice that your dog’s breath smells better and that is a bonus!

If you’re like 50% of our population and own a dog, then consider getting an air purifier for pets such as CritterZone. Also a pet odor eliminator, it rids your space of short and long-time smells.

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