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Why Ferrets Make Great Pets

Reasons Why Ferrets Make Great Pets

If your family is looking for a new furry friend that’s a little bit different, look no farther! Ferrets are a great uncommon, but not totally obscure, pet for pet owner’s willing to take on the equivalent responsibility to a cat or dog. We’ve got a list of all the reasons why you should consider these cute and clever guys for your next pet.

They’re pretty darn cute!

Ferrets are “pocket-size” pets who have larger than life personalities. Females are typically 13-14 inches long and weigh about ¾ of a pound to 2.5 pounds, while males are slightly larger. Males usually weigh 2 to 3 pounds if they are neutered however, they can get up to 4 or more pounds if they are not! They’re also a bit longer, coming in at 15 to 16 inches. They typically live about 6-8 years but some can live up to 12 years, meaning your family will have a buddy for the long haul.

They’re different!

If your family is looking for something a little outside the box compared to your typical dog or cat household, ferrets are a great option! Especially for those families who are still looking for something of the cuddly variety. They’re a pretty common pet these days, so you won’t have to go on a hunt to find specialty products for them.

They’re playful, social, and affectionate!

Experienced ferret owners will tell you that in the case of these clever creatures, two is definitely better than one. Ferrets are social little guys so they’ll expect plenty of attention from you if you don’t provide them with a playmate. Plus, watching them play together is a treat for everyone. But, don’t think that having two ferrets will get you off the hook for some playtime, they’ll still expect some attention from you.

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They’re smart!

As, arguably, the cutest member of the weasel family, ferrets can be very clever. Owner’s are fascinated by their little ferret’s ability to problem-solve. They’re skilled and determined, so they will put in some serious work to figuring out a puzzle. Plus, they enjoy it, and there are lots of puzzle-based pet toys on the market.

They’re small and quiet!

Contrary to popular belief ferrets can make noise! But, they’re mostly pretty quiet. They typically on make lots of noise if they are scared or hurt. They’re also big fans of naptime. They also don’t require large cages. They prefer tall, multiple level enclosures over wide single-level ones. But, they will need to be supervised outside of their cage every day for some playtime.

They’re easily litter trained and fed

Like we mentioned before, ferrets are smart, so litter training is no sweat. Although, they aren’t as diligent about their waste as cats, so expect a few accidents here and there. This is a definite benefit for those out-of-cage play sessions.

Many good quality ferret foods are more widely available as they become more popular pets in the US. Pre-made ferret food is great for consistency but you can also feed your little friend cooked eggs and raw or cooked meat. Make sure you avoid any other human foods, especially fruits and veggies since their too difficult for ferret tummies to digest.

Their smell is easily fixed!

Some people may try to shoo you away from ferrets due to their musky scent. This musky smell comes from naturally occurring scent glands in their skin. Luckily neutering your ferret will help to decrease those smells significantly. But, for the leftover smells that can occur, you can rely on CritterZone to naturally minimize those odors instead of temporarily masking them. Plus, there are no chemicals to worry about!

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